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Acupressure Cushion Massage

" I love the mat and pillow, but MUST emphasize the love of the pillow!! I’ve always suffered from stress neck pain/ ache and this pillow has really helped it. Also, I am really sleeping soundly now. This is a great find and purchase! "
    -Lorraine P.    ✅ Verified Buyer 

Why Our Acupressure Cushion Massage will Change Your life?

If you are facing Back problems? Lower back pain? Or even general fatigue?
Now we bring the natural solution to relieve your pain and improve your blood circulation. Indeed, thanks to this kit made up of an acupressure mat and its cushion, you no longer need anti-inflammatory drugs that can be harmful in the long term!


✅   NATURALLY, RELIEVE TENSION AND STRESS: Releasing muscle tension, Our massage mat and pillow are lined with acupressure discs and filled with soft foam for full-body support. The acupressure mat mimics the ancient bed of nails, effectively helping back, shoulder, and foot pain, sciatica, muscle spasms, and stress. Use the mat on any hard or soft surfaces such as beds, floors, sofas, and chairs for a personalized experience.

✅   5-STAR DESIGN:With Our acupressure mat and pillow feature TPE materialswith thick cotton and 8820 plastic pins providing soft touch with non-toxic effects and portability for outdoor use.

✅   ECO-FRIENDLY PAIN AND TENSION RELIEF:Superbly crafted with medical sponge fabric and 100% eco-friendly cotton pillow. Safe, intimate contact during meditation and yoga.

✅   NATURAL REMEDY: Our acupressure mat stimulates pressure points to provide effective relief from chronic neck pain, backache, headache, sciatica, stress, tension, and blood pressure control.

✅   PERSONALIZED COMFORT: our acupressure mat set is available in different colors and a lightweight, portable size to take with you on trips and wellness retreats for customized healing anytime, anywhere.

Your relaxation is in your hands! Effectively improve your well-being and generate a warm and beneficial feeling of relaxation for yourself. Use the acupressure set while lying, sitting, or standing and tailor it to your personal needs to relieve tension in the neck, shoulders, and back. Stimulate the reflex zones of the foot and free the stuck fascia. Our acupressure mat is the ideal product for adults and children.

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